The Best Sunrise View of Yogyakarta and How to Get There

The Best Sunrise View of Yogyakarta and How to Get There

The Best Sunrise View of Yogyakarta and How to Get There


Sunrise is like a huge hope for everyone and everything who lives in the Earth. It is a beginning of a new day, a brand new day. Everything would be lovely if the day starts with an attitude of gratitude to The Almighty and try to make peace with the universe, that is way many people are trying to seek sunrise to make themselves closer to The Creator.


Sunrise at your home is the same sunrise at my home, there is no other Sun. Yogyakarta is my home, it has its own beauty of the cultural people and historical city. Whilst you google about Jogja (the friendly name of the city), this city is also being famed by its stunning natural view. In this occasion, I would like to share the best spot to catch sunrise in Yogyakarta.


The sunrise hunters usually hunt sunrise in a high land, outdoors and in open air. This place is quite same, but the uniqueness is we can see sunrise in the magnificent temple. The magnificent temple is Borobudur, even Obama was there. Borobudur is one of The World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO 1991) and it is the biggest Budhist temple in the world, this is the reason why Borobudur Sunrise is the best spot in Yogyakarta.


The combination of natural scenery and historical temple would be the best view ever. When the night is not over yet, you start to step on Borobudur stairs along Pradhaksina route or like clockwise. It is still dark when you reach the top of temple or Arupadhatu level.


The dawn breaks slowly with reddish sky and the wind blows gently. You can see couple of mountains silhouettes from the distance. The sound of birds sometimes can be heard, enjoy every moment there and make it forever with your camera. Try to say thanks to The Almighty and think how lucky you are who can see, can feel all the amazing view.


You come in the best time and to the best spot sunrise in Yogyakarta, because not so many people want to wake up early in the morning around 03.30 AM and catch the sunrise in Borobudur. It is the best time to learn and enjoy Borobudur, because it is less people than the daily hours.


How to get there? How to get to Borobudur before dawn? Is it okay? Is it possible? Yes, it is okay and definitely possible. Indeed, Yogyakarta has no public transportation to make it happen, so the other way is ride the privet vehicle. Although, GPS is very common at this time but trust me! It is better to use the service of privet driver, you would not imagine lost in the unknown city at 03.30 AM. This is my specialized, when you are ready and take your time, please chat me. I would love to drive you there safety and in time.


I can arrange your Borobudur Sunrise Itinerary, from scheduling and booking your entrance ticket, pick you up at the hotel at 3.30 AM, company you through the hotel which is its gate is straight to Borobudur (with welcome drink), and make sure you are in the right way to the temple, and finally drive you home, back to the hotel or continue the trip.